Janie Strickland, Cubmaster
2002 - 2003 Scout Year

Trails End Popcorn Sale starts September 7th with "Show and Sell" and we will start taking orders on September 30th.  We will be at Wal-Mart for show and sell on September 21st at 9:00 am.  The popcorn sale supports all scout activities for the year - so remember to sell, sell, SELL!!

Cubmaster's Minute

Trails End popcorn is the best popcorn in the world!!  You can only buy it during the month of October, so make sure when you sell to your customers they buy enough to last them the entire year.

The prizes are much better this year and we will discuss them at our September pack meeting.  Also, we are offering a special prize for the top seller in our pack.  If you are the top seller and you sell less than $1,000 worth of popcorn, you will get a bonus $25 gift certificate from Wal-Mart.  If you are the top seller and sell over $1,000 worth of popcorn, you will receive a $50 bonus gift certificate from Wal-Mart.

We thank God for our new scouts and our new leaders.  We are proud to have you and welcome you to Pack 513!!

October 26th, we will be at Wal-Mart once again to collect for Operation Christmas Child.  All scouts participating in this event will receive the "Community Service" patch as well as receive free admission to our fall festival that afternoon at 5 o'clock.  Events planned so far for the fall festival include spin art, bobbing for apples, pottery, treasure hunt, baseball throw, twister, sand art, cotton candy, snow cones, balloon animals, funnel cakes, ice cream, popcorn, and much more.  Anyone not participating at Wal-Mart must bring a completed shoe box for Operation Christmas Child or food for the Scouting for Food drive.

Let's get busy and help our pack and our community.  Remember, to recruit a new scout and share your adventures with a friend!!

Ms. Janie